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Midsomer Murders fanclub

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February 16th, 2013

fortesomniare @ 03:05 pm: Fic: When It's Time
This story was triggered by the departure of Jason Hughes from Midsomer Murders; Schooled in Murder was the final episode Jason  filmed, and he announced his decision to leave the show after filming, therefore precluding the possibility of Ben Jones receiving a proper send-off/departure.
Read more... (Small spoilers for 15.06 Schooled in Murder)Collapse )

May 24th, 2008

monszter @ 01:29 pm: Jason Hughes Community

I'm the owner of the unofficial Jason Hughes fansite, and now I've got a community here on LiveJournal for people to visit and chat about Jason, his career and my website.

So feel free to visit. :)


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May 8th, 2008

rosie_posie77 @ 11:05 am: Hi there! New member! ^_^
No new activities since a year? that's sad :(
Have you watched the new episodes of Season 10 showed lately on ITV?
I'd love to hear from you other fans of this magnificient series!

July 23rd, 2007

elenion82 @ 11:36 pm: Another new member
Hi everybody!
Great idea this community. I love midsomer murders. I also read "Killings at Badgers's Drift", "A ghost in the machine" and "Death in Disguise" but I think, I prefer the series (well, as far as it was aired here). My favourite is Troy.

July 5th, 2007

dark_pheonix @ 10:55 pm: Hello
What a nice find this community is! I'm an Australian who really enjoys the gentle charm and intriguing mysteries of Midsomer Murders :D

I hate to jump in with a request but... I'm looking for screen captures from a made-in-yr 2000 episode of "Midsomer Murders", episode 'Garden of Death' (series 4, it included stuff about the Inkpen-Thomas family). If ANYONE can help me, comment, and I shall ask for specifics. I will pay in blood/fanart/fanfiction/wallpapers...ANYTHING.

I hope someone can help :D

January 30th, 2007

aussierose53 @ 09:11 am: Favourite episodes, Least Favourite.
I have to say I have never switched off an episode of Midsomer Murders.... but there have been a few episodes that have just not hit the right spot with me!
'Blood Will Out,'
'Who Killed Cock Robin'
These I haven't felt much interest in.... I don't know why!
'Electric Vendetta' isn't overly brilliant either.... but I will still watch it
Some characters are absolutely grotesque... The drama teacher at 'Causton Comprehensive'.... who writes weird poems ' Scum bag, scum bag, scum bags.... scum'..... he's one character that should have been killed off..... early in the piece!
The Rainbird's are grotesque caricature like creatures.... but very effective.
The Minister's wife in 'Shadow of Death'..... such a bitter person.
Of the villains..... Richard Briers does a wonderful job as the minister in 'Shadow of Death'
then there's Gemma Jones in 'Ring Out Your Dead'.
The doctor's wife in 'Market for Murder'..... is absolutely grizzly.
I didn't mind 'Death of a Hollow Man'..... but the chorus of boy sopranos..... got annoying after awhile. I found it a difficult story to understand.
'Death and Dreams' was disturbing.... with murderous teenagers!
I must sound sound very critical here... but I just love the show and I can watch it over and over. The humour and cynical comments between Tom Barnaby and his Sergeants are gems..... I love it when Tom gets high on Johnny cakes and Troy's amazement at Tom's antics on that day!
I think my favourite episode is 'Ring Out Your Dead'.... but there are so many more good episodes.

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January 22nd, 2007

aussierose53 @ 11:18 pm: Hello I am new here too
I can see that this group has been very quiet, but I am so pleased that there is a group for fans of 'Midsomer Murders'...... one of my favourite shows. I am an Australian and so far I have collected the first 5 series on D.V.D. Season 6 comes out on February 7th and as I have ordered it.... I will enjoy picking that up. My aim is to collect every season, I just wish they would put them out more regularly.
I can watch the show over and over again..... it's so very well done and the scenery is beautiful. I am also an Agatha Christie fan and it is finally so good to see another TV series with mysteries as gripping as hers!
I am impressed with the high quality of guest stars each time and the quirky humour between Barnaby and his sergeants Troy, Scott and Jones! Some of the stories are blacker than others, the one that really fits that black genre is 'Death and Dreams'. Certain characters also fit that bill all too well...... the Rainbirds for example. Elizabeth Spriggs and Richard Cant were totally creepy.... but very well done. Even when I see Richard Cant in other roles (Mr. Mercury in 'Bleak House') I see him as the beastly Dennis! I hope to find a few friends here given time

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September 23rd, 2006

excantare @ 03:20 pm: Hi all - I've just joined, and thought I'd introduce myself. Short story is: Australian, female, ancient historian, Midsomer fan for years! The other reason I thought I'd de-lurk is season nine has just come on TV here and I was wondering about something I thought you might be able to help with:

Spoilers a-hoyCollapse )

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